Derry name team to play Tyrone at Celtic Park

Derry Manager Damian McErlain has named his side to play Tyrone in Thursday nights Dr McKenna Cup clash at Celtic Park.
He has included four of the team that started their qualifier exit to Kildare last summer, they are Enda Lynn, Padraig Cassidy, Paddy Coney and Emmet Bradley.
Eight of the Derry squad played minor football under manager McErlain.
Ballinderry’s Gareth McKinless and Ryan Bell have returned to the Derry side and will start.
1. Oran Hartin-Léim an Mhadaidh
2. Sean F Quinn-Suitreach
3. Conor Mulholland-Leamhaigh
4. Eoghan Concannon-Baile Stil
5. Gareth McKinless-Baile an Doire
6. Eamon McGill-Leamhaigh
7. Ryan Dougan-An Ghleann
8. Emmet Bradley-An Ghleann
9. Padraig Cassidy-Seacht Neill
10. Ciaran McFaul-An Ghleann
11. Christopher Bradley-Sleacht Neill
12. Paddy Coney-An Lub
13. Jason Rocks-An Lub
14. Ryan Bell-Baile an Doire
15. Enda Lynn-Grianloch
16. Thomas Mallon-An Lub
17. Martin Bradley-Baile na Scrine
18. Conor McAtamney-Suitreach
19. Ben McCarron-Baile Stil
20. Simon McErlain-Maichre Fiolta
21. Padraig McGrogan-Droichead Nua
22. Christopher McKaigue-Sleacht Neill
23. Sean McKeever-Dun Geimhin
24. Paul McNeill-Sleacht Neill


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