Tánaiste says plans for no-deal Brexit are a “sobering read”

The Tánaiste says plans for a no-deal Brexit are a “sobering read”.
The government published details of their disaster planning last night.
This document is the first real look we’ve got a what a no deal Brexit might look like for Ireland.
On the infrastructure side Dublin and Rosslare Ports will need an upgrade to deal with a significant increase in customs checks, and to house at least 200 extra Revenue staff.
That will need to be done at airports too.
Emergency legislation will be needed to do a host of things – including keep planes travelling in and out of the UK in the air.
There’s 45 emergency legislative changes outlined.
Life will get harder for importers and exporters.
The deal warns of long delays for businesses who use the UK as a landbridge for goods.
Work is underway to ensure there won’t be food or medicine shortages as a result.
The agri-food sector is also to expect a significant hit.
The document is light on how fishing will be safeguarded.
And there’s also no contingency plan for avoiding border infrastructure with the North; but there is a commitment to work to avoid it.
Sources admitted there’s some areas that can’t be planned for as simply no one knows what’s going to happen.
The document will be updated again in January, as the political stalemate in the UK makes a no-deal scenario look ever more likely.


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