IGB says it regrets the closure of Lifford Greyhound Stadium

The imminent closure of Lifford Greyhound Stadium has been described as a huge loss to the local economy.
The Irish Greyhound Board says it very much regrets the closure of the facility and its impact on staff, owners and the wider greyhound community.
The stadium is due to close Saturday week, August 17th.
In a statement today, The Irish Greyhound Board says it is very aware of the excellent work done by all those at the track as part of the greyhound fraternity.
The Duffy family, owners of the track, have a long association and strong commitment to greyhound racing.
While Lifford is a private track and not in the ownership of the Irish Greyhound Board, the IGB says that it has provided wide ranging support to Lifford for a long period of time.
This included a significant capital financial investment in providing the current facilities at the stadium.
The IGB has engaged with Lifford in recent times regarding financial difficulties at the track, which included a meeting between the Board and Lifford’s owners in May 2019.
However, the statement concludes that the arrangement of the type sought by the stadium representatives at that time is not within the mandate of the Board as a semi-state company and does not meet the corporate governance requirements applying to the IGB.
Local Cllr Gerry Crawford says it’s a fantastic facility and had been a huge source of local employment: