Government aims for 70 per cent renewable electricity by 2030


The Government’s aiming to move to 70 per cent renewable electricity by 2030.
The Environment Minister Richard Bruton says the first Renewable Electricity Support Scheme auction has been approved.
This scheme is part of the Climate Action Plan which is the government’s proposal to give Irish people a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future.
A key part of the Plan is a move to 70 per cent renewable electricity by 2030.
Minister Richard Bruton says Ireland is 86 per cent reliant on fossil fuel and we must radically reduce this dependence.
Today, he’s announcing the details of the first auction under the Scheme.
Installed wind capacity has grown by 50% since 2015 and he says capacity could grow further by 30% in the next three years, with solar and community participation.
The Minister adds this is the the same as powering up to 640,000 homes every day.


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