Foyle Search and rescue issue stark public warning

Foyle Search and Rescue have issued a public appeal for cooperation that anyone walking across the Foyle Bridge remains on the Pedestrian side at all times.
It follows concern locally that taking a short cut over railings onto a pathway is being interpreted as a person in danger activating an emergency response with one such incident in recent days.
At approximately 9am on Friday morning, police received reports that a person had been observed entering the river.
This was based on a member of the Public reporting a person jumping over railings.
A full response was activated which involved two rescue boats, a Rapid Response Vehicle, land Swiftwater and support crews while ambulances, fire and police vehicles were also dispatched to the scene.
After thorough search was conducted it became evident that no one had entered the water but a person had jumped an area of railings over land as way of a shortcut to a walkway.
It’s understood this is the first occasion this has happened this year but it took place on numerous occasions during 2019 instigating a full emergency response.
Meanwhile, people are also being reminded never to tamper with lifebelts after two of them were discoverd mid river by the team during Fridays search.
It’s estimated that the lifebelts have been used to successfully save lives along the Foyle on over 40 occasions.