Pups found dangling over river in Donegal, thriving in ISPCA care

Three puppies found dumped in a plastic bag and left dangling over a river in Donegal earlier this month are said to be thriving in ISPCA care.
The grime discovery was made by a member of the public near Drumkeen shortly before 9pm on July 8th.
ISPCA Centre Manager and Veterinary Nurse, Denise McCausland says they have been caring for the three pups around the clock since they arrived and it was touch-and-go whether any of the puppies would survive.
During the first night in care, the puppies, Fern, Alex and Glen were hand-fed by syringe nearly every hour.
Denise says over the course of the first few nights she checked on the pups every 15 minutes. They were placed under a heat lamp while a ticking clock helped calm them when they cried for their mother.
The trio have now almost doubled in weight.
The ISPCA say no-one has yet to come respond to their appeal for information concerning the abandonment of the puppies.
Anyone with any information is asked to contact the National Animal Cruelty Helpline.


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