Police investigating video of child driving lorry in Tyrone


Police are investigating a video of a child driving a lorry on a motorway in Tyrone.
The video appears to show a young male, clearly under the age of gaining a valid driving licence, driving a lorry while in the presence of an adult who is off camera.
The PSNI is investigating social media footage that appears to show a child driving a lorry on the M1 motorway in Tyrone.
Footage has circulated on Snapchat and WhatsApp in recent days of a young boy at the wheel of a lorry and being filmed by an adult in the passenger seat.
It’s understood that the video was filmed near Dungannon.
The PSNI has appealed to anyone with information, or anyone who identifies either the young boy or the adult voice in the video, to get in touch.
In a statement police said that they are aware of a video circulating via Snapchat and WhatsApp at the moment recorded recently on the M1 Eastbound at Dungannon.
They are appealing to anyone who has seen the video and recognise the young male or the adult voice to call them on 101 or drop them a PM.


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