Ten-T project progressing well despite Covid-19


Donegal County Council has confirmed that progress on The Ten-T has continued very satisfactorily in 2020 despite the Covid 19 restrictions.
Some elements such as background noise and air quality were suspended due to abnormally low travel and transport activity particularly earlier in the year but it is hoped to progress these shortly.
The detailed design of the Ten-t has progressed on all sections with particular emphasis on the main alignment elements as well as on local road tie-ins and junctions.
About 400 land and homeowners will be presented with particular information and details affecting them, while one to one meetings with all concerned are also being arranged.
It’s the intention to hold as many meetings as necessary with each party to seek agreement on accommodation works with them.
The fees for expert advice for negotiation and agreement of accommodation works are paid for by Donegal County Council.
The Council has stated that overall; the project currently remains on program with a request to publish the Compulsory purchase orders planned by March/April 2021.
The local authority says that looking at a program beyond this is difficult, particularly given the current unique times.


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