North Inishowen is cheapest place to rent nationwide


North Inishowen is the cheapest place to rent in the country.
The latest Residential Tenancies Board Index shows the average rent in Donegal currently stands at €618, a slight increase on the same period last year.
The data shows that the North Inishowen had the lowest rent in the country at 498 euro per month in quarter three of 2020.
Letterkenny had the highest rent average in the county at almost 679 euro.
Next is the Donegal area at just over 645 euro while South Inishowens average rent is 574 euro.
Lifford – Stranorlars average rent is just shy of 528 euro.
Elsewhere, the national average rent is over 1,250 euro per month, while in Dublin it is more than 1,750 euro.
According to the data, Co.Sligo had the largest year-on-year decline in rents at -6.5% while the county with the lowest monthly rents was Leitrim at €600 per month.


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