Covid cases remain high in some Donegal areas


There have been increases in the 14 day incidence rate of Covid-19 in some areas in Donegal.
Although still returning a high figure, the previous Covid surge in South Inishowen appears to have levelled out and North of the peninsula has seen a slight increase in cases.
The south and west of the county continue to record low cases numbers.
The figures cover the 14 days up to last Monday March 29th.
Letterkenny has seen a substantial increase going from 225 to 416 and 124 cases in the latest data.
Milford also recorded a jump this week at 385 and 53 cases compared with 211 and 29 cases in the previous figures.
South Inishowen still has the highest Covid incidence rate in the county although has recorded a drop this week at 426 and 93 cases compared with a rate of 519 previously.
North Inishowen has witnesses a slight increase, going from 277 to 307 and 52 cases in the latest data.
Lifford/Stranorlar has recorded an increase too at 317 and 82 cases compared with a previous figure of 282.
Although still low figures, slight increases were recorded in the south and west of the county with Glenties having a rate of 63 and 15 cases in the latest data, while Donegal recorded a rate of 60 and 16 cases compared with a previous rate of 45.