People in Donegal are being urged to ‘Think Before You Flush’

The equivalent of 7 double decker buses of foul material is removed from the Letterkenny wastewater treatment plant each year.

Irish Water and Clean Coasts are urging people in Donegal to continue to ‘Think Before You Flush’.

A recent survey revealed that almost a million adults in Ireland regularly flush wet wipes and other sanitary items down the toilet.

Letterkenny wastewater treatment plant is the largest treatment plant in Donegal and an average of 92 tonnes of wipes and other items are removed from the screens at the plant every year.

Paul Kilcoyne from Irish Water says in addition, hundreds of blockages across the wastewater network in Donegal are cleared every year.

In a bid to safeguard the environment, Clean Coasts and Irish Water are urging people to only flush toilet paper down the toilet to reduce the number of sewer blockages, the risk of flooding and the risk of pollution in the environment harming wildlife such as fish and birds and associated habitats.

Irish Water say they are still having to remove thousands of sewer blockages from their network every month and a small change in our flushing behaviour can make a big difference.

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