Sexual offences up 50% in Donegal


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There’s been a 50% increase in sexual offences in Donegal since last year.

The offences include assaults and rape.

The stark figures were revealed at the latest sitting of the Joint Policing Committee by Chief Superintendent Terry McGinn who said there that been a significant increase in these type of crimes since the pandemic.

Domestic violence cases are also up in the county.

The Chief Superintendent said that as a result, she made the decision to transfer more resources to this area.

However the move will not mean new officers but moving Gardai around in various divisions.

The meeting also heard that crimes against young women including rape in the 17 to 19 year old cohort had been significant.

Chief Superintendent Terry McGinn also said that permission has been granted to up skill Gardai but that it will take time.

She said that officers would normally be centralised but instead will be moved out to divisions to get a handle on the numbers.

The Chief Superintendent acknowledged that some of these victims are vulnerable, some have special needs and sometimes there are children involved and are therefore time sensitive.

Chief Superintendent McGinn said while moving Gardai around from other units is concerning, she has no other choice but is also confident that it is the right decision.


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