Motorists clocked speeding in icy conditions near Letterkenny

A number of motorists have been clocked speeding in icy conditions on the outskirts of Letterkenny.

One car was caught travelling at 156KPH in a 100 zone while the other was traveling at 130KPH.
A Garda spokesperson says slowing down on the approach to junctions, corners and bends is critical.
Each time you travel, decrease your speed in order to decrease your risk of being seriously injured or killed on the roads.
Gardai are also warning that the combination of sunny clear days and icy roads can result in sunglare.
Drivers can be temporarily dazzled or blinded by the intensity and brightness of a low sun on the horizon.
In such conditions drivers are reminded to:
Minimize the risk by wearing sun glasses
Ensure that your windscreen is clear of grease or grime inside and out. Add windshield washer fluid to the water in the reservoir and check that the wipers are not worn away or damaged. Replace them if they are.