Shock and anger as video emerges mocking the death of Michaela McAreavey

A video which mocks the death of Michaela McAreavey in Mauritius has been met with shock and anger.

Police in the North have confirmed they’re examining the video to determine if any offences may have been committed.

The video, which is alleged to have been filmed during centenary celebrations in the north has been met with backlash online.

Senior politicians there say laughing at the death of all Ireland winning former Tyrone manager Mickey Harte’s daughter is sectarian hatred.

The newly wed teacher was strangled on honeymoon in 2011 when she walked in on a burglary in her hotel room.

Some unionist leaders have said those responsible don’t act in their name:

The ulster unionist party leader has branded it abhorrent, disgusting and shameful, while the tuv leader jim Allister has said it’s beyond disgusting.

The orange order  in a statement, labelled the video “utterly abhorrent” – and said that “the orange institution condemns the content without reservation.”

The statement went on to say that the behaviour not only has no place in the organisation but also in society.

The order confirmed it has instigated an inquiry in the wake of this.