DMRT rescue highlights importance of planning ahead

The Donegal Mountain Rescue Team says an operation this week highlighted the importance of planning ahead when setting off hiking.

The rescue service was tasked on Tuesday after two walkers who had began their pursuit at Glenveagh failed to return at a designated time.

On Tuesday, DMRT were tasked at 8:42pm by Gardai in Galway to respond to two walkers who were overdue on their return from the hills.

The pair began their walk at Glenveagh, travelling to the Old Church at Dunlewy and were late arriving at their pre-arranged pickup point.

When the person collecting them realised they were not back by the time intended, they called 999.

DMRT set in motion a full team callout due to the deteriorating weather and a severe drop in temperature.

Using Sarcall the team were able to locate the walkers.

The Coast Guard helicopter and Rescue 118 were placed on standby.

Donegal Mountain Rescue followed the walkers progress and eventually made visual contact with them as they entered the Poison Glen Valley.

A while later, the walkers were reunited with the person picking them up.


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