3,200 Ukrainians now housed in Donegal – Council

Donegal County Council says 15 accommodation units which were pledged by local people are now occupied by Ukrainian refugees, with a further 25 ready for occupation.

Earlier, government figures suggested none of the 351 pledges of accommodation made by people in the county had been activated by the council.

Figures released this morning by the Department of Integration show less than 15 hundred of the 9,800 properties pledged by the public nationally.

None of the 351 pledges of accommodation made locally had been activated by Donegal County Council when the figures were collated, with with 86 of these properties withdrawn.

In a statement to Highland Radio News this evening the council says as of Friday last, September 2nd, 3200 Ukrainian Refugees are accommodated in various locations throughout Donegal.

In consultation with the Irish Red Cross, the statement says Donegal County Council continues to work through the pledges received with 15 units now occupied and a further 25 units available for immediate occupation.

The statement concludes that the Council has worked through the vacant properties that have been pledged and approximately 70% of these have either been withdrawn, or are no longer available.

Donegal County Council continues to work with the implementing partners to move refugees into suitable pledged accommodation.



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