Water improvement works set to get underway in Old Town, Letterkenny

Works are due to begin to improve water supply in the Old Town area of Letterkenny.

More than 900 metres of old backyard services and aging water mains are to be replaced in the Ros Suilighe area.

Irish Water says the pipework installed in some older estates typically made of iron of lead have deteriorated over time which is a significant source of leakage and reduced levels of service.

The utility’s National Leakage Reduction Programme Regional Lead Declan Cawley says the replacing of ageing water mains with new and improved pipes will strengthen and reinforce the water network.

The immediate impact of this work he says will see an improvement to water supply in the area with reduced leakage rates and unplanned interruptions when bursts occur.

In order to complete the works, a survey is required at each property.

Customers to benefit from the improvement works will be contacted directly by Farrans Construction to provide information about the required works and to discuss a suitable time to carry out an individual survey.

A traffic management plan will be in place where water mains are being constructed.

The works are due to be completed by the end of December.