Irish unity a ‘top priority’ for Fianna Fáil

An internal review of Fianna Fáil’s identity has put pushing for Irish unity as a top priority.

The document produced for the party’s Ard Fheis also says Ireland should become a renewable energy superpower.

A review commissioned after Fianna Fáil’s poor election in 2020 found many election candidates complaining the party didn’t have a clear identity.

As a result Kildare TD James Lawless was given the task of producing a document spelling out what Fianna Fáil is in the 21st century.

Lawless met with Fianna Fáil members in every constituency over the course of the last year.

A copy of the statement seen by this station has the issue of Irish unity as a top priority for Fianna Fáil with Sinn Féin having stolen the narrative from them.

It says a United Ireland must be secured in a peaceful way for everyone who lives on the island.

The document says Fianna Fáil should build on past successes like rural electrification to invest state money into making Ireland a renewable energy superpower.

The document will also tell members the party stands for everyone having a home at an affordable price; free, single tier universal healthcare for all and that investing in education is the best way to tackle inequality.

The document will be published tomorrow morning at the party’s Ard Fheis in the RDS.