DCC tells members Ten T CPO details can’t be published until next year

Donegal County Council has been told that Compulsory Purchase Order and Environmental Assessment documentation for the Ten T project in Donegal will be completed by the end of this year, but cannot be published until next year.

In an update, members have been told that while the CPO and Environmental assessment documentation are due for completion shortly, they cannot be published until Transport Infrastructure Ireland, Department of Transport and Government approvals have been confirmed.

In total there are approximately 520 landowners directly affected by this project, with the council saying land and property owner engagement has been significant throughout, and the Donegal County Council land liaison team continues to be available to advise members of the public at any time.

Officials say following a number of full consultations and significant further engagements with individual landowners, all accommodation works have been substantially drafted and documented.

Members were told that as previously reported, the number of dwellings required for acquisition remains in the order of 20, with that number estimated from direct impacts or significant indirect impacts.

The full impacts on a small number of additional adjacent properties have yet to be finally determined
but that is ongoing at present.

All currently affected or potentially affected homeowners have been informed of our efforts to
engage as early as possible with them on property valuation. However, approval to initiate the
valuation process will not be granted in advance of any Government/Dept. approval for the
Business case and approval to proceed with the statutory processes.