Donegal woman forced to wait 17 hours for flight home from holiday

A Donegal woman was forced to wait 17 hours on a flight home from her holiday due to ongoing issues at Ryanair.

Lynn McDevitt explained her flight home from Malaga to Dublin on Monday with Ryanair was delayed by 17 hours.

Her flight was booked for 7.30am but due to staff shortages and an ongoing strike, only 50 people could board the plane, and Lynn was left behind.

Speaking on the nine til noon show today, Lynn explained she was given a four euro voucher for coffee and told she would be reimbursed for other expenses..

A spokesperson from Ryanair said,

“Due to a minor issue with one of the aircraft’s service doors, the number of passengers permitted to travel on this flight from Malaga to Dublin (03 Oct) was reduced as per safety procedure.

These passengers were re-accommodated on an alternative flight later the same day.

Ryanair sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused.”



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