Cabinet to approve payment dates for social welfare lump sums

The Cabinet will this morning approve the payment dates for social welfare lump sums announced in the budget.

It’s part of a 1.2 billion euro package aimed at easing the cost of living for those on welfare.

Eight lump sum payments will be made over the course of the next few months.

1.4 million people will get a double welfare payment next Monday, October 17th.

With the Christmas Bonus payment being made the week of December 5th.

The double child benefit payment will be made to 639,000 families across the country on November 1st.

A number of lump sums will be given out in the week of November 14th – including the €400 fuel allowance payment, the €200 living alone allowance payment, and a €500 lump sum to those on the working family payment.

That week will also see the €500 disability support payment to people receiving Disability Allowance, the Blind Pension and the Invalidity Pension

While the 132,000 people in receipt of the Carer’s Support Grant will get a €500 lump sum in the week of November 21st.