Primary schools to spend less time learning religion

Primary schools will be spending less time learning religion, with a new focus on foreign languages and wellbeing.

The move is part of a number of the biggest changes to the Irish curriculum in more than two decades.

It looks as if the Irish primary school curriculum is in for a revamp, with religion teaching hours being reduced.

The Irish Times reports that the plans were recently signed off by the State’s advisory body on the curriculum.

It advises that the length of time spent teaching religion be cut by half an hour a week, from two-and-a-half hours to two hours.

Students would work off new curriculum on “religion, ethical and multi-belief education”, to give pupils a wider perspective on beliefs.

The blueprint is likely to be published by the Education Minister in early in 2023.

Other changes include an emphasis on art, foreign languages from third class onwards and more “flexible time” to allow schools focus on priority areas of learning.


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