HIQA publishes reports on two residential centres for older people in Donegal

HIQA has published inspection reports on two residential centres for older people in Donegal, Donegal Community Hospital in Donegal Town, and Larissa Lodge in Letterkenny.

In the case of Donegal Community Hospital, which had 28 residents at the time of the inspection in March, it was observed that the nursing and health care provided was of good quality, but improvements were required.

Five non-compliances were reported, in the areas of Governance and Management, Premises, Infection Control, Fire Precautions and Residents’ Rights.

The compliance plan attached to the report notes that HSE Estates have undertaken a review of the building, and it will be redesigned. Other responses are also outlined.

The full Donegal Community Hospital Report can be accessed HERE

Larissa Lodge in Letterkenny had 51 residents when it was inspected in April. The inspector observed that residents were active participants in the running of the centre. The report also acknowledged that improvements found on the previous inspection had been sustained.

No non-compliances were reported.

The full Larissa Lodge report can be accessed HERE

HSE Response: HIQA inspection at Donegal Community Hospital – OSV-0000617

Donegal Community Hospital is a 29 bedded short stay unit providing Assessment, Respite, Palliative, and Rehab services to South Donegal.

The centre was inspected on the 29th of March 2023 and the report was published on the HIQA website on July 25th 2023.

The Nursing and Healthcare provided to the patients was of good quality with the feedback from the residents was positive.

Eleven regulations were inspected and three were deemed compliant, three substantially compliant and five non-compliant.

The HSE has taken the following actions to ensure the service is operating to the required standards and in full compliance with the regulations:

· Fire safety risk inspection has been completed and essential fireworks have been carried out.

· Infection Control training has all been updated.

· A survey of the premises has taken place and a plan developed for remedial works for the premises.

· Care plans have been updated.

· It is planned for works to commence on the bathroom facilities in QTR 4 2023

Martin Collum, General Manager for Older Persons Services HSE CH CDLMS said “The HSE will continue to work to ensure the delivery of high quality, person centred services to the residents in Donegal Community Hospital.”