863 CAO Round Zero offers made by ATU

863 offers of places were made by Atlantic Technological University under the CAO’s Round Zero.

When Round A is factored ATU has made a total of 1,711 offers, an 11% increase on last year.

They include mature applicants, and access applicants through other courses.

For those who have done the Leaving Cert, and other applicants, Round One offers will be issued on Wednesday 30th August.


Release in full –


Atlantic Technological University (ATU) Records Significant Rise in CAO Offers for 2023 Admissions, Reflecting 11% Year-on-Year Increase

A total of 863 offers were extended today (August 3rd) in Round Zero by the Central Applications Office (CAO) to prospective students seeking admission to Atlantic Technological University. These offers are part of the overall 6,270 offers issued by CAO.

This means, over the course of July and August, Atlantic Technological University (ATU) has made a total of 1,711 CAO offers in Rounds A and Zero. This represents an 11% increase in offers made by the university compared with the same period last year.

People receiving offers at this time include additional mature applicants, access applicants, as well as QQI FET applicants.

Dr. Billy Bennett, Vice President for Academic Affairs & Registrar at ATU commented, ” ATU attracts learners from a diverse range of backgrounds, and we are delighted to see a marked increase in the number of Round Zero offers made by the university. The impact that ATU has had on the region is starting to show in this CAO data today and it is fantastic to see the growth in interest in the university from within the region and beyond.”

Round Zero offers concern applicants who are not competing with those awaiting 2023 Leaving Certificate examination grades, or who are assessed on other criteria.

The offers will be available to view online from today (on 3 August). Successful applicants will also receive an email and a text message (if they have selected this option) with details of their offer.  

The reply date by which applicants must accept their offer is 9 August at 3pm.  

For other successful applicants, Round One offers will be issued on Wednesday, 30 August. Round One offers will be available to view online only from 2pm on 30 August, and successful applicants will also receive offer notification by email and text message if they have selected this option.  

The reply date by which Round One offers must be accepted is 5 September at 3pm.  

Round Two offers will be available to view online from 11 September at 2pm.