LUH addresses minor issues with radiation exposure after HIQA inspection

HIQA has found that Letterkenny University Hospital provides a satisfactory framework for the protection of service users who may be exposed to ionising radiation.

However, a number of non compliances were identified in areas of minimal risk.

HIQA has today published 22 reports assessing compliance with medical exposure to ionising radiation at hospitals and health settings.

Of the 12 regulations assessed in the April inspection, the hospital was compliant or substantially compliant in nine of them and non-compliant in three.

They were in the areas of referrers, practitioners and justification of medical exposure.

In it’s response, the hospital said in terms of referrers, it will no longer accept referrals from non-practitioners, or from Advanced Nurse Practitioners that have not completed the relevant referral training course.

On the issue of practitioners, the hospital confirmed its protocols were changing to ensure that clinical responsibility for medical exposures relating to DXA scans will be completed by the Radiographer practitioner, in compliance with departmental policy.

On the justification issue, HIQA had noted that in certain procedures, there were no records to show they had been justified in advance. Again, protocols changed in June to ensure that all decisions are appropriately approved and noted in patient files.

The full report can be read HERE