Public meeting for Palestinian freedom to take place this week in Derry

Shaun Harkin, Derry, Strabane, Council, Welfare Cuts, Highland Radio, Letterkenny, Donegal

A public meeting, organised by People Before Profit, will be presided over by Cllr. Shaun Harkin and will include IPSC Donegal Secretary Fadl Mustapha, Sherry Wolf from New York Jewish Voice for Peace, and others.

The discussion on Joe Biden, Palestinian freedom, and Apartheid Israel will take place on Wednesday, December 7 at 7 p.m. at St. Columbs Hall.

Meeting organiser Anita Villa said,

“Israel has launched the second phase of its genocidal war on Gaza, following a week long pause.

We can’t stop talking about Palestine and need to escalate our solidarity actions across Ireland and the world to end this horror.

Despite global demands for a permanent ceasefire the US and British governments continue to arm Israel and finance the ethnic cleansing of Gaza.

Cynically, the Irish government has continued to back Israel and US President Joe Biden despite mass opposition across Ireland.

Joe Biden was paraded across Ireland as a peace builder but is the main sponsor of Israel’s slaughter, while a large majority of Americans demand a permanent ceasefire.

Mass demonstrations in every US city have challenged Biden’s endorsement of unprecedented Israeli terror. These included the largest ever protests by American Jews in support of Palestine.

Fadl Mustapha, Secretary of the Donegal Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, will discuss the the genocidal war on Gaza and how we can act in solidarity with Palestine and assist the dismantling of apartheid.

Sherry Wolf, from New York Jewish Voice for Peace, will explain the geo-political reasons for unconditional US government support for apartheid Israel and the grassroots challenge facing Biden.”