Unemployment rate 10.6% in Donegal as of Census 2022

The unemployment rate in Donegal is 10.6%.

That’s according to latest data from the Central Statistics Office which shows there are a total of 8,092 unemployed people in the county as of Census 2022.

Census data on employment shows nationally, more people were working in 2022.

There was a 16% increase in the number of people who had a job at the time of last year’s Census, compared to 2016.

Figures collated from Census 2022 show there are 76,069 Donegal people in employment while 8.092 are unemployed.

2,484 people are in short-term unemployment and 4,423 are in long-term unemployment.

Meanwhile, 1,185 people over the age of 15 are looking for their first job.

Most people in Donegal travel an average of 19.6km to work while 20,458 of the county’s residents have a less than 15 minute commute.

The majority of people in Donegal travel by car. 40,918 are drivers while 26,613 are passengers.

The least popular mode of transport in the county is by bicycle with 454 people opting to cycle.