Safety warning issued as street lights aren’t being repaired in the aftermath of Isha and Jocelyn

There’s been delays in repairing street lights in Donegal as a result of the recent storms and power outages.

Donegal County Council has acknowledged that some parts of the county are particularly dark after 4.30pm due to a significant number of lights out in one area.

The ESB has issued a Safety Notice prohibiting any activity on its network.

The Council says it will, along with its contractor, endeavour to expedite repairs once the restrictions are lifted.


Release in full

Delayed repair to public streets lights

As a result of the recent storms and power outages, the ESB has issued a Safety Notice prohibiting any activity on its network.  This has resulted in the delayed repair of public street lights.

It would appear that in some locations there are significant numbers of lights out “in a row” or close proximity, leaving areas particularly dark after 4.30pm.

The Council and its contractor are aware of the outages and will endeavour to expedite repairs once the ESB restrictions are lifted. 

However, it is important to note that the ESB has advised that when restrictions are lifted there may still be damage on the network, so it is imperative that all checks and tests are carried out as set out in the work procedures and prior to undertaking any action / fault repairs at each location.  Where any abnormal test findings are found, then the Council has been instructed to cease work and notify the Live Working Manager/System Manager.  This will further elongate the repairs process.

In the meantime, public light outages can be reported on the report a fault option through the Council’s website