Letterkenny Library marks World Cancer Day with free information session

It’s believed of person an hour dies of the disease in Ireland.

In a bid to raise awareness, Irish Cancer Prevention Network, The National Cancer Control Programme and the Central Library Letterkenny are hosting a free public webinar this afternoon at 1pm.

It will focus on bowel and lung cancer, how to seek the early signs and when to seek medical help.

More information:


World Cancer Day webinar – Central Library

In association with the Irish Cancer Prevention Network and The National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP), Central Library Letterkenny are hosting a free public webinar for World Cancer Day on Thursday 1st February from 1.00-2.15pm.

This international health awareness webinar will feature experts presenting on:

  • How we can reduce our risk of bowel and lung cancer
  • The early signs of these cancers
  • When to seek medical help if someone has worrying signs or symptoms.

The NCCP is engaged in the implementation of the National Cancer Strategy 2017-2026, which includes a particular focus on prevention and early diagnosis of cancer. The HSE National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Function work to reduce cancer risk and improve early detection of cancer. The NCCP has a wide range of free resources for your use from www.healthpromotion.ie under the ‘cancer’ ‘search by topic’ menu. In addition there is a Reducing cancer risk eLearning programme available for health and social care professionals. It aims to develop knowledge and understanding of modifiable cancer risk reduction factors. Modules take 10-15mins to complete and topics covered include tobacco, body weight, skin protection, physical activity, radon, breastfeeding, eating for health and more.


Learners can dip in and out of the programme at any time and can find it by searching for ‘reducing cancer risk’ in the search box on www.hseland.ie To learn of all cancer prevention activity and resources you can avail of sign up to the Irish Cancer Prevention Network Newsletter https://irishcancerpreventionnetwork.com/sign-up/o 


There are 5 Regional Senior Health Promotion and Improvement Officers for Cancer Prevention. If you wish to link with your local officer contact prevention@cancercontrol.ie or visit the NCCP website www.hse.ie/cancerearlydetection  In 2024 the NCCP will also focus on the early detection of lung cancer. A spokesperson from Central library commented, “we are delighted to be supporting such an important health awareness event. Libraries are very active in the health space and this excellent webinar complements our Healthy Ireland at your Library programme”.


If you are unable to visit the library you can still register to watch the live webinar or view it at a later date by emailing prevention@cancercontrol.ie or by visiting www.hse.ie/cancerprevention