Over 30 arrests made for staling in Strabane and Derry since April 2022

32 individuals were arrested for stalking in Strabane and Derry since new legislation was introduced to tackle the crime in April 2022.

This week marks National Stalking Awareness Week and in a bid to encourage victims to com forward, the PSNI have shared the figures of arrests made to date.

In the Fermanagh and Omagh policing district 22 people were arrested for Stalking offences.

It’s from a total of 312 arrests made across Northern Ireland, 150 of those charged.

Along with sharing these figures, the PSNI are appealing to the public to not ignore the red flags.

These may include:

• Regularly following someone and tracking their movements

• Repeatedly going uninvited to their home or workplace
• Checking someone’s internet use, email or other communications
• Hanging around somewhere they know the person often visits
•Interfering with their property
•Watching or spying on someone
•Identity theft (buying things in someone’s name)

Those with concerns should contact 101 or 999 in the case of an emergency.