A futher 60 jobs to go at Donegal County Council

'More jobs to go'

The full extent of the job losses incurred at Donegal County Council has been revealed with a considerable amount of jobs to be lost this year.
The problems facing the council and the restructing of its services have also been highlighted given the current strike action being undertaken by staff.
In a report to council members presented at yesterday’s monthly meeting the county manager outlined the staffing cuts at the local authority and the impact they may have on council services.
Following a request by government for the council to reduce its pay-roll by 3% it was planned to reduce staff numbers between July ’08 and December ’09 by 300 – However a total of 336 jobs have been lost over that period.
It is expected that the equivalent of a further 60 jobs will be lost this year through the non renewal of contracts and retirements.
As a result of the reduction in staff numbers the councils services are being overhauled, however that process has been shelved for now due to the ongoing industrial action.
The county manager says meetings with unions are planned to plot a path forward.
In terms of how it is planned for the council to be restructured, the amount of departments is to be reduced from 7 to 5.  Roads and housing are to be grouped together as is Community and planning.
Questions were asked as to how staffing cuts will effect certain areas – the county manager reiterated that due to the ongoing industrial action, negotiations to that effect are on hold indefinitely.


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