Two Inishowen men jailed for cruelty to sheep

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Two Inishowen men have been have been sentenced to two months detention for their part in an act of cruelty to a sheep last year.
20 Year-old Mark Fair from Fahan and 19 year-old Shaun McLaughlin from Ballinarry, Buncrana pleaded guilty to cruelty charges in court yesterday.
The court heard that Fair and McLaughlin were among a group of nine that hatched a plan while out drinking to steal a sheep and set it loose on the streets on Buncrana in the early hours of April 29th last year.
The horned ewe was stolen from a field and stuffed into the boot of a car and driven 15km, the journey from Leenan to Buncrana included the steep Mamore Gap.
The driver of the vehicle, who fled the jurisdiction, is said to have performed burn-outs and other stunts to create smoke from the tires under the boot.
Vet Anne Scott told the court when she arrived at the scene at 3.45am the ewe was in a state of shock and appeared terrified – she said she had to put it down.


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