Councillor’s row leads to meeting being abandoned

Monday’s  monthly meeting of Donegal County Council was abandoned after a row erupted between acting Chairperson David Alcorn and Councillor Frank McBrearty. 
In scenes that one councillor described as ‘ a farce’ the two traded insults with each accusing the other of trying to trying to gain publicity in their actions. 
In scenes that are becoming the norm at County House, Lifford, yesterday’s meeting was first adjourned for ten minuted before the meeting was abondoned following continious rows among some councillors. 
Frank McBrearty was proposing a motion calling on the government to lift the public sector recruitment embargo, however he accused Councillor Alcorn of misrepresenting his views, a claim rejected by councillor Alcorn. 
A strong exchange of views ensued with both men on there feet shouting their points of view before the meeting was halted altogether at 4.30pm. 
There were accusations of bullying and of people acting like dictators before Councillor McBreaty warned the media to ‘be careful’ in how they report the events. 
One councillor said that if such scenes countinue public respect for the council will be lost, another suggested that the party whips meet to try and avoid future rows erupting. 
In the end, as a result of the disruption, little of the monthly agenda was discussed – Councillors Barry O’Neill and Gerry Crawford both pointed out that important issue, like the future of Lifford and Ballyshannon care homes, were being put back to the next meeting 


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