County Manager defends himself after claims of pathetic answers to Councillors

The County manager has launched a strong defense of himself and his staff following claims  that some of his answers to council members were pathetic.
He made his comments as a debate on the county’s roads, particularly in the Finn Valley area became heated.
Labour Councillor Frank McBrearty proposed a motion calling on the council to award extra funding for the Stranorar Electoral Area for road improvement and that the county manager lobby government in order to receive more fudning.
During a debate on the issue Councillor McBrearty suggested that the local authority should be taken to court if poor road conditions
were found to have contributed to a road accident.
Councillor Ciaran Brogan suggested the meeting to be adjourned to bring in legal advice to ascertain what impact those comments
could have if a legal case did arise, Councillor McBrearty commented that a Breathalyzer also be brought in,
When the meeting resumed Councillor McBrearty, reiterated his breathalyzer comment and accused a number a number of unnamed members of having drunk alcohol
during a lunch break. At this point Councillor Ciaran Brogan offered to take a breath test, an offer which was not accepted.
Earlier the County Manager rejected claims answers provided to Councillors were pathetic and a fudge. He defended himself and his staff
stating that they work long hours for the benefit of the county and that they act fully and properly in teh areas they have control and responsibility.


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