County Council says its dealing with flooding and other weather related issues

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 letterkennycouncillogoDonegal County Council has been dealing with flooding and other issues lined with the stormy weather.
The winds are expected to reduce this evening but there will be a return to more stormy conditions after the weekend.
In the meantime, the council is urging care on the roads, and says it will continue to respond to issues and problems.
Donegal County Council says high tides this morning from about 7am along with a storm surge resulted in flooding in various coastal areas including Donegal Town, Doohery,  Burtonport and  Dunfanaghy .
There were also several reports of localised flooding on roads across the county, caused by saturated lands, falling branches and blocked drains has also occurred.
The council says last night and this morning, it reacted to several calls from Gardai and members of the public, and Roads Section personnel are fully mobilised today clearing branches from roads and drains as well as assisting the Council’s Fire Service in areas of flooding
The council is urging motorists to allow extra time and slow down on their journeys today as there is excess surface water, as well as a risk of fallen branches and debris.


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