Irish Water to go before Oireachtas Committee today over spending

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Irish Water CEO will explain today how the agency spent 50 million euro on consultants last year.
John Tierney will appear before the Oireachtas Environment committee to discuss spending and set up costs.
Tomorrow evening he will appear at the Public Accounts Committee to discuss ways for TDs to scrutinise its spending in future.
The Chief Operating Officer with Welsh Water, Peter Perry, says they did not spend as much on start up but they were taking over an existing company.
“Our consultancy start-up costs were not in that order, they would have been below 10 million – I would have thought from recollection” he said.
“But equally, what I would say to you is you need to be making apple on apple comparisons here; we did have an existing business – it wasn’t as if we were starting from scratch” he added.


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