Donegal accounts for over 10% of workplace deaths in 2014

HSAMore than 10% of those killed in work related accidents during 2014 died in County Donegal.
According to the Health and Safety Authority 55 people died in work place accidents last year, 6 of those in Donegal.
Figures released by the Health and Safety Authority today show fatalities in the Agriculture sector increased by a massive 87 per cent last year, with 30 people killed compared to 16 in 2013.
It’s the fifth year in a row the Agriculture sector recorded the highest number of fatalities.
54 per cent of all fatalities involved vehicles in the workplace.
Aside from Agriculture, there were increases in fatalities in Manufacturing and the Administrative and Support Services sectors.
Of the 6 deaths in Donegal – in January a 21 year old man died in a factory accident. In April a 78 year old make died in the farming/animal breeding environment as did an 84 year-old man in May.
In July a 56 year old male died at sea while in November, two 51 year old men died in a farming accident.


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