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Weekend EditionThe Dairy Council believes there are a lot of misinformation in circulation regarding allergies, intolerances & other health issues in consuming dairy products.
Dr. Marianne Walsh, Nutrition Manager with the National Diary Council joins Greg to tell us about the new E-book that has been launched to clarify these myths & misconceptions about dairy:

Monica Murphy is bringing Savvy Teen Acedemy to the County in July of this year.
Monica joins Greg to tell us more:

Daithi O’Se is back for a third series of RTE’s Taste of Success & this year, they’re going Global with “The Food Flight”.
The search is on now to find the next batch of innovative food entrepreneurs to bag a prize worth a cool €100,000 & their chance to see their produce in 140 LIDL Ireland stores nationwide.
Daithi joins Greg on Weekend Edition to encourage listeners to apply & how to do so:

Liquid Therapy was conceived by Tom Losey when he travelled to California & volunteered with “Surfers Healing”.
Tom joins Weekend Edition to tell us what Liquid Therapy provides:

A Dublin woman who sells her breast milk for €32 a pint to adults says she has been inundated with queries from Irish fitness fanatics.
Patricia Devlin from the Irish Daily Star talks to Greg about the lady, only known as “Tara”, who says she has even shipped supplies as far away as Finland:

Diana Bunici was told at a very young age that because of her Moldovian accent broadcasting would never happen for her in Ireland & also because of her foreign name, also being told ” you don’t see many foreigners on the telly”!! Diana’s first book ”
The Pursuit of Awesome was wrote as much for herself as for anyone in search of some guidance, motivation & inspiration to grab that dream they thought was out of their hands. Global rock stars, International sportsmen, best-selling authors & Oscar winners tell their stories, of going from small town kids with high hopes & big ambitions to making it:

Diarmaid McGee from Donegal is currently on holiday in Nashville, Tennessee & was lucky enough to get chatting to a woman in a post office there who produced a Country Music Radio Show where he performed a rendition of Eric Church’s Like a Wrecking Ball. The video has gone viral with an impressive 175,000 views so far. Diarmaid joins Greg from Nashville to tell him of his lucky break:


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