Audio update – Tenders sought for development of toilets and bus/car parking at Malin Head

malin head banbas crownTenders are being invited for significant work to be carried out at Malin Head to provide toilets and extra car parking spaces for visitors.
Details of the work to be carried out in the townland of Ardmalin, Ballygorman, have been published on the Etenders website.
The works will include, (i) Road widening, drainage improvements and surfacing of the L-5011-1 from its junction with the L1011-3 road for a distance of 600m to the existing lower car park at Malin Head.
(ii) Localised road widening adjacent the lower carpark, to accommodate bus parking (iii) Extending existing car park facilities to incorporate additional car parking spaces.
(iv) Construction of toilet facilities adjacent the lower carpark, including installation of a wastewater holding tank.
(v) Provision of services and utilities via the public road.
The deadline for tenders is early February.
However, a local debate is developing on the appropriateness of the location of the toilets and car parking facilities, with some local people saying the toilets will be visible from the tower at the top of hill.
On today’s Shaun Doherty Show, Ronan Mc Laughlin said the toilets are being developed just 80 metres from the tower, and that’s too close…………

Cllr Martin Mc Dermott says there will be a substantial debate on the third phase of the development, which will see widespread local consultation, including public meetings.
He says the work which is going to tender today is very important…………


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