New cabinet and Seanad meet for the first time today

Cabinet Ministers will meet this afternoon as they begin to get to grips with their new jobs.
There’s been widespread condemnation of the make up of the cabinet here, with no ministers on the western seaboard between Donegal and Limerick.
Meanwhile, Taoiseach’s nominee Eileen Flynn who is based in Ardara will take her seat in the Seanad today.

It’s the start of the first week in office for this Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Green Party government and there’s likely to be a steep learning curve with immediate issues for Ministers to address.
At their first working meeting this afternoon there will be updates on where the country stands in relation to the Coronavirus.
While the state of the economy and the cost of the wage supports the state has in place will be discussed.
Work is also to begin on the stimulus package to reboot the economy, which the programme for government promises will be published in July.
This team of Ministers will have to jump in at the deep end to pick up the pieces after COVID-19 crippled the country while also preparing for a potential second wave, addressing promises in the programme for government and other problem areas like housing.
The new Seanad will also meet for the first time this afternoon.

After being fully constituted with the 11 Taoiseach’s nominees on Saturday, Senators will meet at the Convention Centre to pass the Offences Against the State Act.
The laws which give power to the Special Criminal Court have already been renewed by the Dáil, and the Seanad needs to do so by midnight or they will lapse.


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