Major water infrastruture project in Letterkenny now complete


A major water infrastructure project in Letterkenny has now been completed and equates to an investment of over 20 million euro. 
The plant located at Goldrum in Termon is said to have improved water quality for over 25,000 customers in the Letterkenny area.
The works were carried out by Glan Agua on behalf of Irish Water to improve the quality of drinking water supplied to customers in the Letterkenny area.
This project involved the construction of a new water treatment plant in Goldrum as well as the replacement of approximately 4.5 kilometres of water main from the water supply sources to the new water treatment plant.
Approximately one kilometre of trunk main and distribution main at Goldrum water treatment plant was also constructed.
Works also included the upgrade of pumping stations and intakes and the decommissioning of the existing Letterkenny water treatment plant.
This project also included the construction of a new water treatment plant in Creeslough which was completed last year.
The new treatment plant at Goldrum now ensures that there is a barrier in place for cryptosporidium and that the water being produced meets all parametric values as specified by European Drinking Water regulations.


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