Donegal Different Strokes for Different Folks group launch new virtual support group

Different Strokes for Different Folks in Donegal, in conjunction with Enable 4 Us and West Cork Stroke Support have set up a new virtual stroke support group to bring together those affected by stroke during the COVID-19 pandemic.
All three groups are providing a virtual safe space for stroke survivors in Ireland to come together to chat, ease feelings of isolation and enjoy a cuppa.
Larry Masterson Different Strokes for Different Folks Coordinator told Highland Radio this week that; “One of the main obstacles that individuals whose lives have been affected by stroke injury have encountered has been social isolation here in Donegal.
“More than ever we have been impacted by this and it is vital that we remain connected with one another”.
“This new virtual support group will act as a catalyst in breaking down these social barriers,” he adds.
The virtual stroke support group will take place twice a month via Zoom and is open to anyone affected by stroke in Ireland. The next session is July 9th at 7pm.
Motivational speakers will be joining each session to help uplift and inspire the group at this difficult time.
Larry added, “These sessions will create an opportunity where people have a safe place to talk about anything and everything related to stroke.
“They’ll be able to share ideas and experiences with others who have been affected by the devastating consequences of stroke”.
To find out more about the virtual stroke support or to register your interest, contact; Larry Masterson Stroke Survivor Co-Ordinator, Different Strokes for Different Folks: 087 764 2917 or Michael at


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