Action plan launched for Ramelton

A major plan has been published outlining strategies for the future of Ramelton.
Donegal County Council and Dedalus Architecture have today published the ‘Ramelton Action Plan – A Study of Heritage Led Actions for Renewal and Regeneration’.
It identifies four distinct neighbourhoods, which are at the document’s core.
The Plan outlines a number of heritage led actions that have been developed in consultation with the local community and which are intended to support the renewal and regeneration of Ramelton as a destination town with a distinctive sense of place.
It says the rich built heritage in Ramelton sets it apart from many other places in the country and is potentially Ramelton’s ‘Unique Selling Point’.
It is intended that the Plan will provide assistance to a wide range of public and private stakeholders such as landowners, business owners, local community groups, statutory bodies and public authorities.
The document defines a vision for the town’s future and sets out a range of ideas, actions and projects that if implemented, will reap long term benefits for the conservation of the character of the town and secure a vibrant future for Ramelton.
The funding received will enable the procurement of expert consultancy services to allow for further development of the project to take place through planning, public consultation and detailed design stages to a shovel ready capital project.
The full document can be found HERE


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