Proposals sought to deliver turnkey social housing in Letterkenny


House Key

Proposals are now being sought to deliver turnkey social housing in Letterkenny.
Donegal County Council has stated that one of their key objectives is to provide high quality and sustainable social housing in areas of need throughout Donegal and are now inviting developers to make submissions in this regard.
Donegal County Council is currently seeking proposals from Developers who are in a position to deliver turnkey social housing in Letterkenny to help meet the Council’s current social housing need.
The Council is seeking Developers to make submissions for 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom housing units.
Proposals must contain a minimum of 5 units and can include completed units, including potential regeneration projects, units under construction and units to be constructed on suitable sites.
In order to make a valid submission, Developers will be required to engage with an Architect Led Design Team and a Construction Contractor with the necessary skills and experience to design, deliver and certify high quality social housing.
Submissions must be made in strict accordance with the requirements of the procurement documentation and the deadline for submission is 16.30pm on Friday, 31st of July.
The process has been advertised on eTenders and all documentation and information can be obtained from there.


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