Covid-19 death toll in Donegal at 41


It’s been confirmed that 41 people died with Covid-19 in Donegal.
The number of confirmed cases in the county currently stands at 468 with no new cases recorded in the latest report yesterday evening.
The latest figures from the Central Statistics Office show Donegal recorded less than ten new cases in each of the last nine weeks.
While the last week in June saw no new confirmed cases in the county, one new case was reported on three separate days since July 4th.
According to the CSO, the median age of those who died with Covid-19 in Donegal was 85.
Half of those who died were over 85 and half under 85.
Thirty-three of the 41 Covid-19 deaths in Donegal occured in April.
Meanwhile, the median age of those who tested positive in Donegal was 54.


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