Letterkenny gang ‘scent’ packing as staff prevent perfume robbery

Business owners are being urged to be on high alert after a gang attempted to steal hundreds of euro worth of perfume from a local shop by using bags lined with foil.
It’s understood that security staff intervened on time before the robbery was carried out in full.
In a statement Gardai confirmed that an attempted theft was disturbed yesterday in Letterkenny by a security staff member at what’s been described as a large store.
The gang had concealed around €450 worth of perfume in a number of foiled bags in the store but were stopped just in time.
The group of people took off on foot and Gardai say that an investigation is currently underway with CCTV being examined in store and at other nearby locations.
The bags were foil lined in order to prevent security tags activating at the store exit.
Gardai say that there have been a number of similar style thefts across the Country recently.
They are reminding business owners to make sure staff and most especially security staff are aware of this type of criminal activity.


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