Údarás providing marine tourism opportunities


Údarás na Gaeltachta is providing learning and growth opportunities for marine tourism in Gaeltacht areas.
Three information & networking sessions on the development of Gaeltacht marine tourism have been arranged for the weeks ahead.
The sessions, to be held on the 11th , 18th and 25th March, are targeted at Gaeltacht marine tourism businesses or people who are interested in growing such businesses in the Gaeltacht.
Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from national and international marine tourism experts as well successful enterprises, establish links with businesses in the Gaeltacht and get an understanding of good marketing practices.
First up is ‘The Boat Journey’ which will focus boat trips, fishing and how to attract visitors.
The second session will be geared towards Blueways and the facilities available around the coast to enhance marine tourism.
The third and last session will discuss watersports, water activities and experiences.
These webinars are intended as practical sessions that will explore best practices in the marine tourism sector, selling the marine tourism experience online as well as providing an opportunity to network with other marine tourism businesses in the Gaeltacht counties.


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