McBrearty seeks meeting with Taoiseach

Donegal Cllr Frank McBrearty Junior has written to Taoiseach Michael Martin seeking a meeting to discuss the need for a Public Inquiry into the Mica issue.

The Taoiseach told Deputy Thomas Pringle last evening in the Dail that an inquiry would take years to organise and conclude.

In his letter to the Taoiseach this afternoon, Cllr McBrearty claimed that in his response to Deputy Pringle in the Dail last evening, Mr Martin had once again shied away from a public inquiry.

Cllr McBrearty says the establishment of a Tribunal is inevitable because of what he describes as the problems Mr Martin’s Government is facing in the courts.

He says there is no way a tribunal can interfere with the due process of the courts, or the establishment of what the government is promising will be an enhanced redress scheme.

Claiming that in 2001, a Fianna Fail led government sought to delay the establishment of the Morris Tribunal, Cllr McBrearty says the Taoiseach’s response yesterday was akin to Groundhog Day.

Cllr McBrearty concludes by requesting a meeting with the Taoiseach to discuss the Mica issue, as well as a number of the issues raised in the Morris Tribunal.

He says if Mr Martin does not do so, he will confront him publicly at a press conference in the future, with the eyes of the worlds press watching.


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