HIQA find issues at two disability centres in Donegal

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) has published three inspection reports on designated centres for people with disabilities in Donegal.

One non-compliance was found at both Abbey Village Group Homes in Kilmacrennan and Sliabh Glas, Carnnamuggagh, Letterkenny.

HIQA says due to concerns about the management of safeguarding concerns, overall governance and oversight of HSE centres in Donegal, the Chief Inspector undertook a review of all HSE centres in Donegal.

Abbey Village Group Homes

Abbey Village Group Homes in Kilmacrennan was found to be compliant or substantially compliant in all areas except for in notification of incidents where the home was found to be non-compliant.

Some restrictive practices had not been included in the quarterly notifications to the Chief Inspector as required in the regulations.

Sliabh Glas

Sliabh Glas, Carnnamuggagh, Letterkenny was found to be substantially compliant or compliant in all areas but was found to be non-compliant in fire precautions. Under this regulation the provider was required to submit an urgent compliance plan to address an urgent risk.

Ballytrim House

Ballytrim House in Raphoe was found to be substantially compliant or compliant in all areas of care.

The reports explained that management at the inspected centres have begun working to rectify any issues which were discovered.

Full HIQA reports are available here – 

Ballytrim House – https://www.hiqa.ie/system/files?file=inspectionreports/2523-ballytrim-house-26-may-2022.pdf

Sliabh Glas – https://www.hiqa.ie/system/files?file=inspectionreports/2518-sliabh-glas-24-may-2022.pdf

Abbey Villas Group Homes – https://www.hiqa.ie/system/files?file=inspectionreports/5250-abbey-village-group-homes-18-may-2022.pdf

HSE Statement:

Ballytrim House provides residential care and support to adults with a disability. The designated centre comprises an eight bedded one-storey building located in a residential housing estate in a small town. Residents living at the centre have access to communal facilities such as sitting rooms, a sensory room, dining room, kitchen and outdoor area. Each resident has their own bedroom with en-suite bathroom. The centre also has additional communal bathroom and toilet facilities.

Ballytrim House is located close to local amenities such as shops, public houses and cafes. There are three vehicles available which enable residents to access other amenities in the surrounding area such as swimming pools and other leisure facilities. Residents are supported night and day by a staff team of both nursing and care staff.

The centre was inspected on 26th May 2022 and ten regulations were inspected on this date. The report was published on 1st September 2022.

There were no non-compliances identified within the centre. Out of the ten regulations four regulations were identified as compliant including Staffing, Communication, Food and Nutrition and Health Care The six remaining regulations were identified as substantially compliant which were Training & Staff Development, Governance and Management, Risk Management Procedures, Individual Assessment and personal plan and Positive Behaviour Support and Protection.

An immediate action plan was returned to the Regulator to address all areas of substantial compliance. Actions have been taken to address substantial compliances in the centre, including the following:

All staff training deficits identified have now been completed.

A revised annual audit schedule has now been implemented within the centre.

A review of both the centres and individual residents risk assessments has been undertaken.

Residents Behaviour Support plans have been reviewed by the relevant MDT members.

The HSE will continue to work to ensure that robust governance, quality and safety arrangements are in place within the centre to ensure high quality services are provided to all residents.


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