First round CAO offers out today

Leaving, Cert, Results

Thousands of Leaving Cert students are set to receive their first- round CAO offers today.

Despite meeting the requirement, there’s concern some students will miss out on a place, due to a random selection lottery system.

At 2 o’clock this afternoon, over 80 thousand people will find out if they’ve received their first-choice college course, as the initial CAO offers are released.

For the applicants who sat this year’s leaving cert, they’ll have to deal with the impact of grade-inflation – which has resulted in a squeeze on places.

The adjustment was made to state exams, as courses rose by 60 points on average last year.

And has resulted in the number of H1s in subjects like Higher Level maths, increase from 6.4 to 18 per cent since 2019.

Despite meeting the points requirement, there’s concern these inflated grades will lead to some students missing out on their course, due to a random selection lottery system.

Students have until 3 o’clock next Wednesday Septemeber 14th to accept their first round offer


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